Wednesday, September 9, 2009 at 6:51PM
Ryan Knight

I had a terrible bike accident that tuned into a major ordeal. I was coming down the hill way to fast on my bike when I fell off the trail in a patch of soft dirt and went flying over the handlebars. I was clipped into my pedals and did not come out in time to catch my self. I ended up taking the entire crash in the face (I am not sure what I did with my hands). What happened after was worst then the accident itself.  I was treated in two regional hospitals that almost killed me.  The my life was saved at a third hospital.   Sadly I found you can not trust our modern medical establishment.  What I learned after is every nurse and doctor should know the ABC's of keeping someone alive - airway, breathing and circulation.  What is scary is two of the hospitals I visited almost killed me by ignore this basic principal.  The third hospital realize I had a severe infection from the fall and my airways were caving in.  I had to be put on a respirator tube and kept in the ICU for a while.

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