Wednesday, September 16, 2009 at 2:52PM
Ryan Knight in Flex

I decided to to file a number of bugs for issues we have been seeing with flex builder.  I have posted them here in hopes you will go vote for them.  This is only some of the many issues we are seeing using Flash Builder.

Allow multiple instances of an AIR app to run at the same time. - There was a previous issue for this which was closed, so I created a new issue with more details.

Need to be able to navigate to classes and methods that implement an interface

Flex Server ate my bin! - This bug was already in the system, but looks like it is stuck on waiting on Info -  Hopefully voting on it will get it moving.

After changing a project type from Flex Server I still can not set my output folder in Flex Build Path

Multiple runnable Air applications in the same project using locale causes tabs display name to be null

Should be able to navigate into script source with Go to Definition Looking through the bug database it looks like several of the renaming bugs have recently been fixed, so maybe renaming will work in the latest release.

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