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Grand Cloud provides software consulting with integrity.  The company is run by Ryan Knight in the United States and a team of Off-Shore Developers in Costa Rica, Romania, Ukraine and Mauritius.   We specializing in custom architecture and development of Cloud Computing Solutions that leverage a variety of technologoies and languages such as Scala, Akka, Play Framework, NoSQL, HTML, JavaScript, Flex and Java.  

We have worked for a a wide variety of companies such as  Deloitte, T-Mobile, Adobe, Sony, Send Out Cards, Riot Games and More.  Contacts us for more details about past work.

Projects have included:
- Software Consultant for Deloitte at the State of Louisiana 
- Expert Services for Adobe at T-Mobile
- Creation of a new website for a client - Team Marketing Report 
- Sony Online Entertainment - Development of a text and voice chat system.
- Send Out Cards - Contributed to the Development of a Gift Card Creation Tool

Please email us at info@grandcloud.com for more details.