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Focus on Reactive Aplications with Scala, Akka and Play

It has been almost one year since we started building our first web site with Play and Scala.  Since then we have also started leveraging the Akka toolkit.  We have found these technologies are an amazing way to build what is now being termed "Reactive Application".  These are applications that are fully asynchronous and respond in real time to events, such twitter streams or stock quotes.  By leveraging the functional aspects of Scala and the actor toolkit in Akka we have seen an increase in both productivity, scale and throughput.  And the asynchronous nature of the application allows it to both fully leverage all of the cores on the server and to scale horizontally within the data center.


DCFS CAFÉ Launches!

Along with the great team at Web App Solutions and Deloitte, we have been working on building a common access front end for child welfare services in Lousiana.  The system was built from the ground up starting in 2011.  The website makes extensive use of Adobe Flex on the front-end and Enterprise Java on the back-end.  The biggest challenge with this project was the hundreds of pages of business requirements that had to be translated into a technical specification and a domain model.  The site is already having a large impact on improving the speed with which families can receive assistance.


Great Success with Adobe and T-Mobile

Ryan Knight has been working the past year for Adobe Expert Service and T-Mobile on the Quikview Project.  This project was recently featured on Adobe.com as a customer showcase.  For this project Ryan was both a technical architect and a liason between Adobe and T-Mobile, ensuring the successful rollout  of Adobe Products at T-Mobile.  Quikview  was a huge succes and is "currently used by more than 35,000 retail store and customer service employees".


Team Marketing Goes Live!

Team Marketing came to us looking for help in putting a 20 year old business on-line.  Development was done with a team of 4 developers spread across the globe.  The underlying technologies used in development include the Java / Play Framework, jQuery and BrainTree Payment Processing.  The design of the website was done by the awesome team at VOLTAGE Advertising and Design.  


Managed Off-Shore Development

We offer a managed off-shore development process that combines local resources with off-shore developers to ensure the success of the project.


Scala, Akka, Play and Java Consulting

Our Roots our deeply planted in Java.  We have been working with Java for over 15 years in all the different areas from Spring, Tomcat to the latest NoSQL.  Over the past year we have moved into consulting with Scala, Akka and Play.